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150 Teachers go under training program for students’ counseling


Psychology department of Mumbai University comes up to stop suicides

MumbaiMumbai: The Psychology department of the Mumbai University recently trained teachers from 70 colleges to stop the frustration among the college students.

More than 150 teachers have been trained to diagnose and counsel the students who are under pressure because of exams, syllabus and career related tensions during the sessions.

The training will be pivotal as it involves diagnosis, counseling and discussion with the students to solve the students’ problems.

Talking with Prahaar, Dr. Gautam Gawali, Head, Training program, said, “The teachers’ training program in Mumbai University started in the month of January. Though the training program was being run from past three years, it had cold response from the teachers. But this year’s training session has brought the teachers in numbers and women teachers have turned up in high numbers for the program,” he said.

The teachers’ training program was started in the year 2010 under the guidance of vice-chancellor Dr. Rajan Velukar. It is informed that the program will also be practiced for the next educational year.

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