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2700 Mill workers get MHADA homes

MHADA-Kokan-Mandal 1

The remaining applicants to get homes in next 2.5 months

MHADA-Kokan-Mandal 1Mumbai: In the recent MHADA (Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority) lottery, out of the 6,935 mill workers, 2700 have received the keys of their homes. The pace of getting the possession of the flats has increased and hence the remaining workers would get their homes in upcoming 2.5 months.

Earlier the process was slowed down for few months because of the difficult and inconvenient possession process. In reply the workers’ unions carried out protests against the work procedure of the housing and development agency and caught the authorities’ attention. MAHDA administration then made the procedure easier.

The MHADA administration implemented one window scheme to faster the possession process along with the waiting room and information centre for the accurate deposition of the documents at the appropriate office. It all resulted in positive and the possession process became easier.

But still at present some workers are facing the problems for submitting the documents. Thus the direction seminars have been taken place to help these workers. The seminars also helped in solving the workers’ problems.

The mill workers submitted their pleas in front of the concerned officers in the seminars. Thus the officers and their staff could take necessary steps to solve their problems.

talking with Prahaar, C J Rao, Engineer, MHADA said, “All the efforts have turned positive and the eligible workers would get their homes in short time,” he said.

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