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5, 6 seated vehicles to get ‘share a taxi’ permit


The decision will increase the person carrying capacity 1.5 times than the normal average

TAXI-7-300x141Mumbai: Mumbai Metropolitan region Transport Tribunal indicated a green signal for the five and six seated vehicles to have a ‘share a taxi’ permit to encourage the use of these vehicles among the commuters. The decision will give an economical benefit to the commuters as well as to the vehicle owners. It will also help a relief to traffic congestion on the roads. At present, four seated vehicles are permitted for the share taxi meter system.

Now the auto fare for per 10 kilometers will be fixed to Rs 44 per person. Meanwhile 4+1 seated taxi fare for 10 kilometers will be of Rs 41 per person.

Thus vehicles having 5+1 and 6+1 seating capacity will be charged Rs 33 as fare and this will be divided among the commuters.

K P Golani, Regional Transport Officer, Central Mumbai said that the decision will benefit the commuters and the vehicle owners and person carrying capacity of the vehicles will increase to 1.5 times.

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