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7.5 crore wasted on five subways in Mumbai!


Only one subway is open for pedestrians, five subways cancelled

MAHIM-SUBWAY-NO-01Mumbai: The subway in Mumbai was a utopia of safe road crossing for the pedestrians. But in reality, in last eight years the subways have not been built. Out of the six ways, only one subway is open for the pedestrians to cross the road and the one at Mahim was opened earlier but was closed later. The construction work for the five subways has charged Rs 7.5 crore.

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation had initiated to have subways at Shivaji Park, Gadkari Square, T. H. Kataria junction at Mahim, Prabhadevi Sidhhivinayk Junction and Veer Savarkar Road on Shivaji Park were chosen to have the subways. But the residents opposed the idea to have the subway at Gadkari Sqaure next to Shivsena Bhavan and Shivaji Park. The same apprehensions were taken at H. T. Kataria road junction subway. With strong oppose from the citizens, the work has been closed.

There square next to Prabhadevi Sidhhivinayak temple has many utilities in the area and thus the work has been halted.

Out of them all the subway at Mahim Church was inaugurated by the then Mayor Dr. Shubha Raul. But at present the subway has ruined and the spending of Rs 3.75 crore for its construction has been wasted. Only one Metro Junction has been kept open for the pedestrians after the completion of the work.

Meanwhile, the contractors have filed the suits claiming the cost in crores for the construction of those closed down subways as well as for those which were cancelled.

In reply, the Municipal Corporation also filed the suits against the claims. Hence the five projects except the Metro have come under the tribunals. All the contractors have shown the mutual conscience to settle matter peacefully except the issue of the subway at the Gadkari square. The file is closed now.

In 2005-2006 audit of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the chief auditor had remarked on the subway issue. It compelled the members of the standing committee to seek the information on the construction of the subways.

The chief auditor asked the clarifications regarding the subways to the bridges department and has kept the report in front of the standing committee.

Subway                                  Estimated Cost    Actual Spending

Shivaji Park                           11.82 crore              8.28 Lakh

Kataria Junction, Mahim    9.07 crore                 00.00

Mahim Church                       6.16 crore               3.71 crore

Metro Junction                     18.12 crore             17.55 crore

Sidhhivinayak Junction      18.28 crore                00.00

Shivaji Park                              4.71 crore              2.25 crore 

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