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85 thousand child labors in a state

child labor

85 thousand children have lost their childhood and engaged in various trades in this State

child laborMumbai: Though the attempts to spread importance of education in every stratum of the society are being made, the unsuccessful child labor programs have led 85 thousand children to lose their childhood and engage in various trades in this State.

The statistics have dropped down in comparison to the last year due to government campaigns and work of NGOs. But it is confirm now that there is no strong strategy plans to decrease number of child labors.

Labor Department has not undertaken any survey for last six years; so the statistics of child labor are decided as per the data of NGOs only. Labor department raids various places with the help of these organizations; their joint venture could release 5 thousand child labors throughout the state. But there is no strong strategy to save these children from going back to child labor which keep fluctuating the rate of child labor.

One such NGO, ‘Pratham’ has raided 36 places in Mumbai during a year and released 245 child labors. The organization is now striving to rehabilitate these children and bring them in mainstream of the education through various campaigns. They had been successful earlier in doing so, informed Kishor Bhamre, Assistant Director of Pratham.

The number of child labors in small factories of ‘Zari’work located at the areas like Shivaji Nagar, Dharavi, Madanpura, Thakkarbappa, are declining as per the observation of Pratham. They use machines for this work now, reducing the number of child labor earlier engaged in this dangerous work. While this is the story in Suburban areas of Mumbai, many children between the age group 10-14 years are labored in various sectors throughout the state in urban and rural areas.

The number of child labor has reduced comparing the earlier situation and various campaigns are being undertaken to prevent it from increasing. 350 training centers have been started in state under National Child Labor Project, admitting 16 hundred children in it. This is an attempt to bring them to the mainstream education.

- Madhukar Gaikwad, Commisioner, Labor Department

Statistics of child labor (in percentage)

Sectors Rural Urban
Fishing 85 10
Production 1.5 18
Construction 0.75 18
Trade 0.25 43
Hotel 2 10
Other services 10 2.5

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