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86 stranded tourists rescued near Mt Everest

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Tourists included 13 foreigners, rescued safely 

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Beijing: Chinese rescuers have safely evacuated 86 tourists, including 13 foreigners, who were trapped in heavy snow at the north base camp of Mount Everest in central Tibet.

The government of Tibet Autonomous Region said that 78 tourists, who had been stranded at the camp, were safely moved to a nearby hotel.

A total of 86 tourists were initially trapped at the camp but a last evening report said eight of them had left Rongbuk, the world’s highest monastery located at an altitude of 5,100 meters.

The tourists included 13 foreigners mainly Australian and Dutch citizens, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

The tourists were about to go downhill after sightseeing at the base camp of the Mt Everest known in Tibet as Mt Qomolangma when a snowstorm blocked the roads. The local government said they had mobilized more than 40 rescuers and machinery to clear the way.


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