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A unique birthday celebration!

ice stone

A huge ice stone banged on the lands of Palu Namewadi in Lanja taluka on 3rd October 2010.

ice stoneShiposhi: Birthdays are generally celebrated for people, for Gods and for pets in some cases. But in a very unique incidence the birthday of an ice stone was celebrated. No, it did not happen in any foreign country but at Palu Namewadi in Lanja taluka. This ice stone is definitely worth it, the biggest ice stone ever. This birthday was celebrated by a scientist here.

On 3rd October 2010, a huge ice stone banged at Palu Namewadi in Lanja taluka. After research it was proved that it is the world’s biggest one. Hence, at Tithawali where this ice stone was hit, its’ birthday was celebrated after 3 years for the first time. Physics scientist from Pune, Kirankumar Johare was present at this occasion.

The whole Shiposhi village and nearing villages were hit by heavy rains on 3rd October 2010 when at around 5.30 pm huge ice stone banged at the Tithawali area of Palu Namewadi. The place where it was knocked, turned into a pit by the force of this stone. The Gorkhas who witnessed this amazing incidence first informed the member of Palu Gram Panchayat, Nitin Gade. Gade immediately visited the place. This ice stone weighted more than 50 kg. Later, it was examined by experts and sent to the researchers.

Scientist Kirankumar Johare informed from Pune that the research on this ice stone was going on for three years. After studying it for three years it was concluded that it is an ice stone. During these three years, many places like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh experienced this kind of ice stone falling.

But indeed this is the biggest ice stone certified by a scientist in Spain Dr Jesus Frias. Therefore, to celebrate its’ birthday and to bring Palu village on a world map through it, Johare visited Palu. They celebrated by cutting cake on this occasion. Gram Panchayat Member Nitin aka Bunty Gade who clicked the photograph of this ice stone and played an important role in exposing the incidence was felicitated by Johare.

To remember this biggest ice stone every year Johare declared that he will visit Palu annually. Bunty Gade also announced that a monument giving information about this stone will be constructed at the place where it was fallen.

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