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AAP demands arrest of NDMC Vice Chairman

Karan Singh Tanwar

New Delhi :  Aam Aadmi Party today demanded the “immediate arrest” and removal of BJP leader Karan Singh Tanwar from the post of NDMC vice-chairman alleging that he had manhandled a senior official of the civic body.

“Tanwar is a serial offender and Delhi Police and MHA should not shield an individual against whom number of serious complaints are there,” it said.

AAP said that another complaint against Tanwar was sent to the LG and the MHA last year but “it is shocking that complaints of such serious nature were ignored.”

The party said all these amounted to illegal attempts to “interfere” in the functioning of the Delhi administration. The party also attacked the police for not acting against BJP members accused of such actions.

The allegations came in the wake of an NDMC official’s complaint against the Council’s Vice-Chairman Karan Singh Tanwar.

NDMC Enforcement director Neeraj Bharti alleged that Tanwar had “manhandled” him on Thursday when the duo had an argument over some policy decisions. The Police is yet to register any complaint over the issue.

“Bharti was threatened by Tanwar when the former refused to stop an eviction drive. The BJP leader allegedly asked the official to call off the enforcement inspectors, who were cracking down on encroachment,” AAP’s Delhi convenor Dilip Pandey said.

Pandey alleged the police of being “biased”. “You act against AAP MLAs pro-actively but when it comes to BJP leaders your inaction exposes your prejudice.”

Pandey referred to the case of an alleged assault of Northwest Delhi DM by the aides of BJP’s Lok Sabha MP Udit Raj saying the “IAS lobby” goes into “hiding” when BJP leaders are involved.

“Delhi Police goes out of its way to frame AAP volunteers and MLAs by imposing the strictest possible sections against them. What is preventing Delhi police from acting against Tanwar and Udit Raj?” AAP tweeted.

“The BJP government is resorting to hooliganism, threats and abuses to harass the bureaucracy here,” he said.

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