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AIR news could be used by FM channels

Private FM radio channels

Private FM radio channelsNew Delhi: Information and Broadcasting minister Prakash Javadekar today said that government has an idea of allowing FM Radio channels broadcast news provided by All India Radio (AIR), which in the coming days could also work as a news agency.

Javadekar said that FM Radio is allowed to disseminate information related to traffic and other things like government announcements.

“The issue is of the news, and we have said to start with we are saying, AIR news. People thought it has to be only clip from AIR news, so the AIR bulletins in the same voice, as it is will have to be broadcast,” Javadekar, who was speaking at an event organised by the CII said.

He added that people on AIR speak well, have credibility and that is also because of the style.

“So those who want the clip can get it and we will also charge for it. And for those who don’t want the clip, in their voice say want the DJ to read out news….so AIR has various news (categories) and we will also work as a news agency and will give you more and more news from AIR terminals.

“From there also you can pick up news and go ahead. So that’s the beginning point,” he added.

Later on the sidelines of another event, Javadekar was asked whether the news agency, that he had spoken about, would cater to private FM Radio stations.

“This is just an idea,” he said and added that the government will review the ground situation.

“We will take review of what exists on ground. What can it function as and how it can work? So, you do not ask as if I have started a news agency. It’s an idea. It is in conceptual stage,” he said.

He was asked about a proposal that news agencies can also be a source for FM Radio and whether the government has rejected it?

“No, nothing is rejected…. To start with we are starting with AIR news clipping. After the experience, we will move ahead,” he said.


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