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‘All Indians to be brought back from Yemen by this evening’

Indian nationals arrive from Yemen

Mumbai: Almost all Indians would be evacuated from strife-torn Yemen by this evening, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today said as he praised the Navy for facilitating safe return of people from the Arab country where fighting is raging between security forces and Houthi rebels.

“Almost all Indians would be evacuated from the strife -torn Yemen by this evening,” said Parrikar, who was in Mumbai to inaugurate the undocking of first ‘Scorpene’ submarine.

Saying the Navy has done a “great job” in safe passage of Indians from the troubled spot under rescue exercise named “Operation Rahat,” Parrikar said “so far we have evacuated 3,000 Indians and some foreigners in desperate situation.”

Indian nationals arrive from YemenHe said the operation was carried out effectively without causing injuries or loss of life to any Indians.

“Though it was a very volatile situation not a single bullet was fired by the Indian Navy though adequate preparations were made,” he said.

The operation began on March 30 and the Navy sent its ships ‘INS Tarkash’, ‘INS Mumbai’ and ‘INS Sumitra’ (which was on an anti-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden) to bring back Indians working in that country.

Indian nationals arrive from YemenThe Indian Air-Force pressed C17 Globemaster aircraft to bring the evacuees to India from Djibouti where they were brought from Yemen.

INS Mumbai charged ahead to enter the Yemen port while INS Tarkash escorted two ships from the Shipping Corporation of India (Ex-cochin).

The Gulf of Aden comes under the operational area of the Western Naval Command of the Navy.

Indian nationals arrive from YemenYemen, a strategically important country, is witnessing, fierce fighting between forces loyal to the beleaguered President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and rebels known as Houthis.

A Saudi Arabia-led coalition is bombing rebels.

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