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Amarinder condemns Dinanagar terror attack; calls for action

Amarinder Singh

Chandigarh: Former Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh today condemned the terror attack in Gurdaspur district and said such an incident is a cause of grave concern.

“This is for the first time in recent past that such terror attack has taken place in Punjab and that is the cause of grave concern,” he said in a statement issued here.

He offered his support to the Punjab government for maintaining peace in the state.

“The pattern of the attack was similar to the earlier ones when terrorists infiltrated from across the border and attacked the police stations in Samba and Kathua in the neighbouring state of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

The former Chief Minister said Punjab needed to be more alert and vigilant.

“We (Punjab) have seen the darkest decade not long ago and lost thousands of precious lives and we cannot afford that again,” he said, adding, this challenge has to be fought together as the terrorists are enemies of everybody and they needed to be dealt with firmly.

“We need to tell them that there is always a limit to our tolerance and patience and we cannot take it anymore,” he said while seeking strong action so that these attacks are not repeated in future.

Amarinder asserted that let everybody know that India was fully equipped to deal with such situations and it can go to any extent to eliminate any challenge to its sovereignty and threat to the lives of its people.

“Both are precious and dear to us and no price shall be too big to reaffirm our commitment to safeguard these,” he said.

Four heavily armed terrorists wearing army uniform today went on a rampage attacking a bus and a police station complex, leaving five persons, including a policeman, dead and several injured in Gurdaspur district bordering Pakistan.

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