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AP govt chalks out grand plans for Godavari ‘Maha Pushkaram’

Maha Pushkaram

Hyderabad:  The Andhra Pradesh Government has drawn up grand plans to organise festival Godavari ‘Maha Pushkaram’, occurring after nearly one-and-half centuries, as an occasion to promote environment conservation and river ‘Godavari’ beyond state boundaries.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has extended an invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the 12-day festival which commences from July 14 this year.

The State government would formally write to President Pranab Mukherjee, the Prime Minister, Union Ministers and Chief Ministers of all states inviting them for the festival, Advisor (Communications) to AP government, Parakala Prabhakar, told PTI here today.

Similar to the ‘Kumbh melas’, celebrated alongside holy rivers across the country, ‘Pushkaram’ in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is held in every 12 years and taking dip in river Godavari is the main feature of the festival from religious perspective.

“Godavari Pushkaram this time is very special because this is called ‘Maha Pushkaram’ which comes once in every 144 years. This is very significant from the astronomical point of view. The conjunction of ‘Brihaspati’ (Jupiter) entering into ‘Simha rasi’ (zodiac sign of Leo),” he said.

The state government would like to brand Godavari and make it more visible within the state, the country and also among the Indian diaspora around the world, Prabhakar, who is the chairman of a State government committee for the festival, said.

“We have envisaged a huge campaign to brand Godavari and Godavari Pushkarams. The Chief Minister has already unveiled the logo for ‘Pushkaram’. It is very simple, which has about seven lines. These lines indicate the rapidity with which Godavari flows, it indicates a ‘jyothi’ and also the process of offering ‘Arghyam’ to the Sun god,” he said.

The ‘logo’ has been selected through an open competition of entries.

He said the government would like to promote the spirit of worship of nature, water and river through the ‘Pushkaram’.

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