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Art students present experimental artwork in Delhi


Six art students from across the country are showcasing experimental artworks produced at an art residency in Delhi

peersNew Delhi: Six art students from across the country are showcasing experimental artworks produced at an art residency here, which aims to create a network of students from various art, architecture, media and design colleges.

The artists – Amshu M S, Diptej Vernekar, Dheer Kaku,Ragini Bhow, Sanket Jadia and Sangita Maity are showing at Khoj International Artists’ Association, which is presenting the group show ‘Peers 2014′ for four days beginning June 19. The residency, currently in its 11th edition is an annual four week education and outreach residency program of four weeks for young artists.

Bangalore-born Amshu M S who grew up in Hyderabad mainly works with videos along with paintings, installations and photography incorporating narrative structures of film making. A major source of his inspiration, he says is cinema andthe cinematic language. “In the course of a daily mundane city life, certainpeople, spaces and acts come across as strange interventions.They constantly remind of a sense of fragility while on vergeof an almost impending rupture,” says Amshu. The artist says he intends to isolate these acts and lookat them to observe the transformations that take place.

“At Khoj, I have currently been working with footage shot around the area with sculptural video installations or assemblage,” the artist says.

For 23-year-old Goa-born Diptej Vernekar, who dabbles in paintings, videos and installations, trash holds fascination.He had in December last year participated in a collaborative work for ‘Trash Art Festival’ organised in his state where he used discarded material and trash to create a public art work.

Having worked as an automotive technician Vernekar usuallyuses that experience to employ a kinetic mechanism in his installations that almost always involve some sort of sound and video projection. “Coming from a different place, to Khirki village a place of migrants, there is always sense of uncertainty – chaos of survival, sense of disorientation, a sense of voyeurism in a space as well, as you are being viewed in the maze like passages of buildings. “Everything is on the very edge of each other, which deconstructs actual meanings of space again re-constructing new meanings which is interesting for me. I try to question these realities through these spaces in my work, using video,photo and mixed-media installation,” says Vernekar.

Dheer Kaku, who studied painting in Mumbai explores patterns, repetitions, loops, lines, circles, time, symmetry,shapes and ideas. “My works are chronicles of patterns and conversations between my body and the chosen medium of expression. Actions,drawings, words, pictures, videos and sounds are my chosen instruments to display and reveal new perspectives through which I experience my mind and my city,” says Kaku.

Kaku’s work work involves a still video, a moving picture and an ever looping sound. Bangalore-based Ragini Bhow, who completed her BFA from US says, “I explore material relationships that develop from aesthetic observation, visceral exchange, and conversation andfor this residency I have continued this exploration through experiences and observations of light and space. Bhow’s work is sculptural using found wood, found objects,paint and photo. Sanket Jadia is currently doing Masters in Visual Arts has worked with white cement.

“My recent work has been an attempt to coagulate, the lucid, ever changing forms. I have beenexploring the frozen form as a static mass containing a momentin time. The objects are strangely still and motionless.” Kolkata-based artist Sangita Maity says, “My recent practice is based on Barbil Iron Ore Mine, a tribal populated area located in the border of Orissa and Jharkhand. Apart from environmental issues, my research extends to socio-economical,cultural and political situation of tribal labor working in the mines.

Maity’s work takes the form of audio recordings and video “Artists are encouraged to shed the expectations and rigidity of a structured curriculum, work together in a discursive space that stresses the role of experimentation and risk-taking in art practice,” says Pooja Sood, Khoj director. The six participating artists were picked by a jury consisting of artists Vishal Dar, Zuleikha Chaudhari,Arunkumar H G and Pooja Sood. “The Residency program provides recent graduates and masters’ students opportunity for exchange and dialogue. It also hopes to create a network of students from various art,architecture, media and design colleges,” says Sood.


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