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“Asmita” movement to work for girls’ dignity, empowerment

womens empowerment

Pune : A first-of-its kind non-profit social initiative “Asmita movement” is to be launched in the city aiming to empower female population and preserve dignity of the girl child.

With its motto “our daughter our pride”, the Asmita (dignity or pride) movement will offer a platform where daughters and girls who are less privileged can grow together and nurture their individual personalities to attain their true potential, Dr Sanjay Gupte, managing trustee of Asmita Medical Foundation which has conceived the project told reporters today.

The programme cost will be met by voluntary contributions from different segments of the society with participation of various NGOs.

He said over 1000 girls had already enrolled for the programme which will impart free of cost training to the participants in six categories namely — education and career guidance, health and nutrition, awareness against sex selected terminations of pregnancy, safety and lifestyle challenges to young girls, sports and fine arts.

“We are planning to take this initiative in various parts of Maharashtra and gradually spread throughout the country. The aim of this movement is to create a voluntary force of girls and families with girl children towards changing the face of the society and leading to empowerment and equality for girls and women,” added Dr Gupte, a senior gynaecologist and a member of Armed Force Research Committee under DRDO.

Elaborating on the scope of activities the movement was aiming at he said, “under it special programmes will be conducted towards spreading awareness against sex selected termination of pregnancy by doctor communities and social activists with Asmita Movement acting as a catalyst, working with the government authorities to overcome evil practice of sex selected termination.”

Former Inspector General (CID) Maharashtra, A D Shinde would be one of the mentors of the project, educating girls on cyber safety in order to keep away from undesirable elements that deceive the vulnerable sections of female population.

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