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Audience bored of saas-bahu soaps: Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal

Mumbai : TV actress Chhavi Mittal says it is good that audiences have gotten bored of ‘saas-bahu’ daily soaps as it has now pushed channels to come up with new exciting shows.

Chhavi, who has worked in the popular TV show “Teen Bahuraaniyaan”, feels even an actor’s creativity gets stifled while working on such shows.

“I am definitely bored of seeing the same thing. For me as an actor also, I feel something new should be there… If you do the same thing then what is the difference between a 9-5 job and an actor’s job. Your creativity dies at a certain level.

“People are bored of saas-bahu shows and it’s very good. It opens a whole new avenue for television serial makers to try different things,” Chhavi told PTI.

Even though she has been part of the TV industry for over 10 years with shows like “Tumhari Disha”, “Bandini” and “Naagin”, Chhavi says limited mini series is the future of Indian television.

The actress will be next seen on Colors new show, “Krishnadasi”.

“A limited mini series is definitely the future. There are very less shows which work. Normally they start but get shut down soon. It takes so much of hard work to present a new show. So what is the point. Better than that, you make a mini series so you know it’s a sure shot winner,” she said.

When asked if she would be open to do a mini series, Chhavi said, “I would love to do something which is crime based. Like a detective or a cop.”

Chhavi, who plays a mother in “Krishnadasi”, says the character required a certain depth and maturity which was challenging.

“It was very challenging. I have spent 10-11 years in the industry and I felt I’ve done it all. But when I started shooting I realised the character required so much maturity and depth for an actor to do this role…My first reaction was no I won’t do the show.

“When I heard the narration I was blown away. Right from the screen test, I knew I was onto something good.” “Krishnadasi” will air on Colors from January 25.

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