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Beauty of Masunda Lake to be tainted

Talao Pali

Thane Municipal Corporation aims to contaminate the beauty of Talao Pali

Talao PaliThane: The office bearers of Thane municipality and administration have almost decided to destroy the identity of Thane as ‘the city of lakes’. For this, now they are planning to construct a toilet adjoining to Masunda Lake which is known as the pride of the city.

Thanekars are expressing disagreement for the pacing work of this toilet. Its tank is parallel to water resources of the lake under the ground, hence the leaking waste from the lavatory possibly mix in the lake and cause stink in the area, according to the residents.

 Masunda Lake has historical background. The stairway of Kopineshwar temple used to get down in this lake initially. When British took over Thane, the city started transforming from rural to urban look. Emerging urbanization resulted in shrinking of the Masunda Lake’s original area.

This lake had been victim every time; for widening the roads, Gadkari Rangayatan, drinking water booth, Ahilyabai Garden. Now Thane municipality aims to pollute the water of this lake also. A large toilet with the capacity of eight seats is being constructed adjoining to the boating club. The toilets will consist of 4 seats for women, 3 for men and 1 for handicap. Mukesh Dher is given the contract for this construction.

They have excavated the attached land of this lake and pushed the loose soil inside the lake. Some years ago, when waste water of nearby societies was leaked in the lake, some environmentalists had moved the municipality. This time, they are attacking to the beauty of Masunda Lake. In case the sewage pipe bursts, there is a possibility that the complete lake be polluted.

The President of Masunda Mitra Mandal Vasant Poladia have expressed strong objection to this project of Thane Municipal Corporation. This lake possesses a ‘Shivling’ and if the sewage water enters the lake, religious sentiments will be hurt, according to Poladia. When contacted to the City Engineer of Thane Municipal Corporation K D Lal, he could not be connected.

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