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Bihar polls: NCP dubs it as defeat of communal mindset, Cong slams Modi’s tall promises


Mumbai : As Nitish Kumar-led grand alliance trounced the BJP-led NDA in Bihar elections, the NCP described it as “end of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s era” and the defeat of a “communal mindset”.

“This is the beginning of the end of Modi’s era and is going to continue in future elections too,” NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said.

Ridiculing the ‘ghar wapsi’ campaign launched by the BJP, Malik said, “This is ‘ghar wapsi’ of BJP and defeat of communal mindset.

“Secularism, love and affection triumphed while politics of hatred is done and bit the dust in this election,” he added.

Delving into the reasons for BJP’s defeat in Bihar Assembly elections, former Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said Modi raised the expectations of the people, but failed to live up to it.

“This is the thrashing of Modi and Shah and victory of Nitish and Lalu Yadav, who were successful in convincing the voters…Modiji had raised the expectations of the common man so high, but he failed miserably to live up to it,” he said.

“Since Modi has taken over, he has been only in campaign mode, while people voted him to govern the country. He should now do away with the campaigning mode and start fulfilling his tall promises,” the senior Congress leader said.

Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam credited party vice president Rahul Gandhi as being the “architect” of the ‘grand alliance’ in Bihar.

“Of course, credit goes to the duo Nitishji and Laluji, but the architect of the grand alliance was Rahul Gandhi, because Rahulji wanted all the parties to come together and Congress to play a major third party role and this plan worked,” Nirupam said.

“From now on, Congress would like to bring all secular forces under one umbrella, form a grand alliance and then contest forthcoming elections,” he said.

MNS spokesperson Vageesh Saraswat said the BJP’s defeat was the “repercussion” of Modi’s frequent visit to foreign countries.

“This result has been a trend-setter for the defeat of BJP and Modi, because both are known only for building castles in the air and failing miserably to fulfill their tall promises,” he said.

Meanwhile, BJP state spokesperson Madhav Bhandari declined to comment on the election results, saying the party’s central leadership would speak on it.

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