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Blend skills with honesty : Rane


Honesty is the culture of Konkan and Sindhudurg. The merchants should do business without evading the taxes and should blend skills to honesty

19Kankavli: Honesty is the culture of Konkan and Sindhudurg. The merchants should do business without evading the taxes and should blend skills to honesty; Industry Minister Narayan Rane invoked the merchants at Merchants Unity gathering.  

The minister further said, “When doing any business, do plan its benefits and losses. If the earnings in the district are increased, number of tourists will increase, new industries will generate and ultimately business will rise,” he said.

Dr. Nilesh Rane, Dwarakanath Ghurye, Chairman, Sindhudurg District Merchants Association , Rambhau Bhogale, Chairman, Chamber of Commerce, Kiran Thakur, Editor, Daily Tarun Bharat, Vijaykumar Pathare, Chairman, Maxwell, Tax Consultant Charuchandra Bhide, Z P Presdient Diplaxmi Padate, Welcoming President Vijay Kumar aka Bala Valanju, Nilesh Dhadam, Chairman, Kankavli Taluka Merchants Association, , Kankavli Mayor Adv Pradnya Khot and other dignitaries were present at the program.

Rane said, “The merchants in Sindhudurg should have the mentality to take developmental steps. That’s why this gathering is important. The two types of consumers i.e. needy consumers and enthusiast consumers have been formed in society. Thus the local merchants should consider consumer’s mindset. The local merchants’s boldness is important to start the business and merchandise in the state as well as in the country. Thus the merchants should follow senior industrialists and imbibe their qualities.”

He further said that even the Reliance group was into green vegetables’ business. The Tata and other industrial groups were into all kind of businesses. Thus we should move ahead from traditional business to other new businesses.

The Industry Minister asked the audience to blend knowledge with aspiration and told to have confidence along with hard work. He said that the doors for the development would surely open.

He said, “I declared Sindhudurg district as the first tourism district in the year 1997. Each year more than 1.5 lakh tourists visit Sindhudurg. It benefitted the merchants. In future various projects would come here. The number of consumers would grow in the market. Today’s consumer is from rural areas as well as from the cities.”

“But its reach is not more than that. Thus in next five years new companies would grow and when people would get employment, then the local business would flourish. But the merchants should choose the modern ways in their respective businesses. The merchant associations should think about it. The merchants associations should take shares from each merchant and should build a grand mall after choosing an appropriate market, he added.

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