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Blue Whale’s final abode on Mithbanv- Tambaldeg beach

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As Blue whales are the largest animals on the earth, many onlookers turned up to have a glance of the big fish

MASA (1)Mithbanv: A blue whale species is found on Mithbanv sea shore. As this species is the largest one n the earth, many onlookers turned up to have a glance of the dead fish.

A normal blue whale is bigger than an elephant, thus one can imagine the hugeness of the species. According to the experts, the whale had a natural death. But one cannot neglect the fact that bodies of the dead blue whales have been seen in numbers from past few months.

Blue whale lives in the deep sea. As per the experts, the fish died three days earlier before reaching the Mithbanv shores, because the tail part of the fish was eaten up by the sea creatures.

These fishes are of blue and dark gray color. They are from Mammal family and have to come out of water to breathe. The blue whale takes a huge leap to breathe and goes down to the deep sea. The fish is facing major danger from human interference. The fish has to come out of the water for breathing, hence the sea hunters take advantage of it and kill them.

The forest department did not take cognizance after informing about the body of the huge fish. As no disposal action was taken yet, the odor coming out of the dead fish was troubling the area.

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