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Book holds mirror to Indian publishing industry


Rahul SainiA story of four young authors, who explore the nature of relationships around themselves, amidst the set up of the Indian publishing industry makes the plot for Rahul Saini’s recently released novel “Just for You”.

“My book talks about the idea of publishers cheating the authors with their royalties, plagiarism and the practices authors adopt to become popular,” says Saini.

The author has explored the contemporary publishing scenario, trying to bust the facade of the best-selling novel. Saini has tried to drive home the truth with the use of almost real characters.

“The book is not really talking about people; it is a general trend of writing in India. The book deals with general tactics used in the publishing industry to get noticed. All of them are following the same pattern of those who are on the top, emulating them,” says Saini.

The plot of the story, shares Saini comes from his interactions with young authors who were in touch with him and had complaints to share about “small, unrecognised publishing houses” and he thought it made for an interesting and burning story and so he decided to pen it down.

“All of them told me how their publishers were cheating them with their royalties, how at times their stories and the titles of their novels were stolen and passed on to other authors and how some other authors were jealous of other authors and would do anything to bring them down,” says the author.

The book, published by Penguin also carries Saini’s take on aspiring young authors and the unfair practices persons they indulge in to get published.

The author says he believes that it is desperation which sidelines the standards which a publisher should maintain for editing and packaging.

“Publishing standards should be maintained and authors should get together and do something about it but as sad as it is – we live in a country where a lot should be done but very little actually is,” he adds.

Interestingly, one of the main protagonists of the novel is a character called Rohit who bears a striking semblance to the author’s life. Saini calls Rohit the most direct, honest manifestation of his thoughts.

“What Rohit believes, Rahul believes,” he says.

The author is now in the process of starting the ‘Rahul Saini’s Library Campaign’ as a part of which he would help schools with insufficient funds to build their libraries. He also plans to help and guide young and aspiring authors on how to write the stories they have in mind.

Trained as an architect, the 31-year-old author has written four popular books in the past- “Those Small Lil’ Things”, “Just Like in the Movies”, “The Orange Hangover” and “Paperback Dreams”.

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