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Book offers practical, feel-good solutions to life


New Delhi : Contemporary chaos in personal and personal lives can be dealt with multiple, practical feel-good ways, says Vinita Dawra Nangia whose new book is a compilation of advice.

The journalist author in her ‘ Love is Always Right and Other Musings’ puts together a string of some of her most popular columns for a leading daily and offers a newer way of looking at life, people and the situations they find themselves in.

“Adjustment today has taken on a whole new meaning as society becomes more tolerant and accepting. The man-woman relationship has undergone massive changes, and new vistas unheard of a few years ago are acceptable today. New paradigms of love, success and achievement have us all in a tizzy, trying to make the best use of available opportunities,” writes Nangia.

The author’s maiden book ‘It’s Your Life’ delved into human behavior and relationships.

“In such a desperate scenario, where truth, goodness and right are questionable and love becomes the only ultimate moral substitute, the individual feels lost, caught up in dilemmas and moral quandaries with regard to everyday issues and decisions.

“We try to understand ourselves. Our triggers and dilemmas, our purpose and value. Then we try to understand the world and others who inhabit it. Beyond that we try to unravel questions of life and death, birth, rebirth and meaning of life. Quite a task!,” she says.

The book, brings the readers face to face with the questions that have been playing in their subconscious minds, actively seeks answers and hopefully, offers some solace as well.

“The role the column plays is that of a friend, philosopher, analyst and guide,” she says.

Besides the worldly-advice, the book is replete with pearls of wisdom including those from philosophers Mark Twain, Rumi even as Nangia uses a free hand to incorporate lessons from the lives French greats Jean Paul Sarte, Simon de Beauvoir, literary giant Ernest Hemingway, among others.

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