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Brad Bird to avoid superhero trends in ‘The Incredibles 2′

The Incredibles 2

Los Angeles:  “Tomorrowland” director Brad Bird says he will not follow the superhero trend in his next project “The Incredibles 2″.

Bird talked about the sequel to 2004’s Pixar animation film while doing a press tour for his new movie “Tomorrowland”, reported Ace Showbiz.

“I would say that the superhero movie turf right now is very trodden over – it’s kind of like a field that’s had too many games on it, and it’s just dried up dirt at this point,” Bird added.

“I think that the greatest special effect is caring about a character. A lot of movies seem to forget that, and they bring out a lot of fireballs and then wonder why the fireballs don’t have that much impact, no matter how loud and how big they are. But the truth is that the fireball isn’t that exciting unless you care about the person running from it,” he added.

The original movie centred on a family of superheroes with Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Spencer Fox, and Sarah Vowell among the voice cast.

It’s unclear if any of them will return for the sequel, but Samuel L Jackson who voiced Frozone in the first film is expected to reprise his role in the second one.

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