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Brokers’ bumper in Mankhurd MHADA society

Mhada Office.

Brokers reach the house owners and offer twice of the actual price of the houses 

Mhada Office.Mumbai: The brokers are having a free hand at MHADA society at Mankhurd-Mandale. The brokers are offering fat amounts to buy the houses from the lucky draw winners. The situation is so critical that the brokers are running a campaign saying ‘MHADA houses are sold here’.

There are 13 MHADA buildings along with 33 SRA buildings. The houses under MHADA’s low income group are being sold at the price of Rs 26 lakh, i.e. double of the original price.

The new norms have allowed the owners to rent their houses. But the norms also said that the owner cannot sell the house till five years after the possession. But it is seen that the norms are openly violated. The residents claim that the situation is an outcome of MHADA officials’ negligence.

Some of the residents on the request of anonymity said Prahaar that the brokers reach the owners before the house entering ceremony. Some brokers have started their shops next to the MHADA complex. The brokers also possess the keys of closed houses. It is reported that the guards are being pampered to show the houses to broker’s customers.

In a lucky draw of the year 2010, the prices of the houses were increased by MHADA. Hence some of the beneficiaries had to face the money crunch. The brokers are taking its benefit and are offering fat amounts to those house owners.

Talking with Prahaar, Ramrao Pawar, Chief Vigilance Officer said, “There is no such rule that the houses be sold by the brokers. If such practices are taking place, the house owners should not fall for such traps. As per the norms, the house cannot be sold for five years after its possession. Stringent action will be taken against the brokers once we receive the complaints,” he said.

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