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‘Bullah’ opens Pakistan theatre festival ‘Humsaya’


New Delhi: A commemorative play, “Bullah”, based on the life of Bulleh Shah, opened the four-day Pakistan theatre festival “Humsaya” at Kamani auditorium.

The festival was organised by Routes2Roots in collaboration with Lahore-based Ajoka Theatre.

“Humsaya is not just a name, it reflects our shadow of both countries that we shared together with common boundaries and similar cultures.

The play Bullah chronicled the life of Bulleh Shah who lived in the times of the downfall of the Mughal Empire and became the beacon of hope with his message of tolerance, love and peace.

“We may be different countries, culturally, politically, socially, but we are bound by history, culture, language and geography.

“All the plays we’d be showcasing here including Bullah, have common message of peace,” Shaheed Nadeem, play writer of Ajoka Theatre said.

The plays lined up are “Dara” on September 15, “Kaun Hai Ye Gustakh (Manto)” on September 16 and “Lo Phir Basant Aayi” on September 17 respectively from 7 pm onwards.

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