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Cadre based recruitment instead of subject based reservations


Education department’s decision on teachers’ vacant posts in colleges brings cheer

prahar_logoMumbai: In a recent decision, the vacant posts of teachers in non-Agricultural universities, Government Colleges, aided and unaided colleges are to be filled as per the availability of cadres instead of reservations soon.

The higher and technical education department has taken this important decision. The decision would be followed in the universities in the state along with aided and unaided colleges. Earlier daily Prahaar has published the story reporting 10,000 vacant positions of teachers in all aided and unaided colleges including the universities on the basis of the report published by Public Accounts Committee. The department took the cognizance of the news and decided that the vacant positions would be filled as per the cadres. Thus the universities will prepare a detailed list of present vacancies and position filled as per the decision.

Talking with Prahaar, Balasaheb Salve, Vice President, MFUKTO, said, “Earlier the subject based reservation policy was observed thus the vacant positions were filled under open category showing unavailability of the posts. But better late than never, the government has taken an important decision. Thus the backward cadres are happy about the decision,” he said.

Girish Bapat, MLA and Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, said, “The committee was keeping after the issue of vacant positions of the teachers. A meeting of all the registrars and concerned officials was taken and they were shown the reality. The government has now taken the decision to solve the teachers’ vacant positions.”

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