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Chhattisgarh authorities discover Rs 20 crore tax fraud


TaxRaipur: The Commercial Tax Department of Chhattisgarh has ordered registration of FIR against 32 firms for evading altogether Rs 20 crore of tax by issuing bogus bills.

These firms, most of them just shell-companies, submitted bogus bills for the amount totalling Rs 400 crore, said Secretary of Commercial Tax Department R S Vishwakarma.

Tax-payer Identification Number (TIN) of these firms was subsequently cancelled, he told .

Software wing of the department found recently that these firms had issued bills without any transfer of goods.

This allowed the purchasing dealers to claim the input tax credit, which led to evasion of Rs 20 crore in tax.

Most of these firms were in fact bogus, Vishwakarma added.


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