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Chiplun records 278 tuberculosis patients

TB 1

Around 278 TB patients are found at nine primary health centers of Chiplun between April 2013 and March 2014

TB 1Mirjoli: The government keeps taking efforts to deflect tuberculosis from the society. Various campaigns for abolishment of TB are run by the District TB Control and Society in Ratnagiri. In spite of this around 278 TB patients are found at nine primary health centres between April 2013 and March 2014. Chiplun Health Department informs that 144 patients of them are recovered after treatment.

Rural areas still witness this disease due to neglecting approach of patients. Many of the patients in these areas avoid visiting primary health centers for treatment causing delay in recovery. TB can be cured with regular medication. The government spreads awareness about this through TV, radio and newspapers which has resulted in changing approach of patients. This has also reduced numbers of TB patients.

Nine primary health centers are working towards prevention of TB; they have set their own targets. They had anticipated seeing 969 TB patients during April 2013 to March 2014 but in reality only 267 patients were found by survey; out of which 144 have already recovered. Rest 134 patients are undergoing treatment.

Under TB prevention programs, government provides free medication. In Category one and two treatment method, patients are examined every six months. Their condition is checked after three months. Nurses conduct surveys at various villages. Saliva of patients having cough for more than a week is sent to labs for testing. These patients are treated under DoTs method.

Positively, number of patients is showing decreasing trend. 24th March is followed as World TB Day to spread awareness about this disease and provide right information about it. There are numbers of misconceptions in people about its treatment. But this disease can be cured with proper and regular medication by doctors.

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