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Choosing a time to speak truth will make truth a lie: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi at Valmiki Mahasammelan

Cong Vice President accused BJP for lack of understanding about the poor

Rahul Gandhi at Valmiki MahasammelanNew Delhi: Defending his comments on the Ordinance on convicted lawmakers that forced the government to withdraw it, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today said there is no “right time” to speak the truth because choosing a time will make truth a lie.

“I was in Gujarat. There I was told by journalists that Opposition is saying that I had not chosen the right time to speak on the Ordinance. Is there any right time to speak the truth? If you chose the right time to speak the truth then it’s not truth but a lie,” he said addressing the ‘Balmiki Mahasammelan Adhikar Diwas’.

Gandhi’s statement that the Ordinance on convicted lawmakers was “complete nonsense” and it should be “torn up and thrown away” had created a big controversy and government was forced to withdraw it.

Gandhi accused the Opposition BJP of not having an understanding about the poor and said, “They don’t spend night in your houses. They just talk about your progress but they don’t hold your hands and they also don’t understand your problems.”


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