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Citizens of Mahad illuminate the sight of 100 blinds


More than 50 citizens of Mahad-Poladpur donated eyes on the occasion of Diwali

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMahad: More than 50 citizens of Mahad-Poladpur donated eyes on the occasion of Festival of the Lights, Diwali and lightened up the sight of almost 100 blind people. Dr Sujata Dabhadkar from Mahad and Dr Nitin Mapara from Poladpur have undertaken extensive movement for eye donation.

The doctors initiated this movement after considering difference between the number of blinds and retinas available for their treatment and resolute to convince citizens to donate their eyes. Accordingly, more than 50 people have agreed to donate their eyes after death which will give sight to more than 100 people. While, one person donated eyes in Khed and Dapoli each, rest donation took place in rural area of Mahad and Poladpur.

Eyes donated by one dead person can give sight to maximum 8 blind people. A complete eye is not removed while donating but only retina is removed and four different layers of retina are separated to use as per requirement. The patients who are blind due to retina related disease or damaged retina in an accident, are benefited most by an eye donation. Eye Banks possesses a list of blind patients in need of a donation, they accordingly plant retinas in their eyes. Any deceased person apart from one having AIDS, infection, particular form of jaundice or Cancer, is eligible to donate eyes, informed Dr Dabhadkar.


Nation is in need of an eye donation. Relatives of the deceased person do not give permission to donate eyes out of superstitions. Though the donors fill the form in advance, it becomes difficult to convince their relatives. This needs to change. Social organizations should make these relatives understand and prepare them for eye donation.

- Dr Sujata Dabhadkar, Ophthalmologist

Poladpur is a remote, hilly area. We need to go and convince the relatives of a deceased person for eye donation whenever we are informed of a death here.

-  Dr Nitin Mapara, Poladpur


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