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CM assures better infrastructure, security for Bollywood

Devendra Fadnavis

Mumbai: Underlining that Mumbai and Bollywood are inseparable, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said that the Maharashtra government would initiate all possible steps to provide better infrastructure and security to ensure growth of the film industry.

“We won’t allow you to go out. Mumbai and Bollywood are inseparable. There has been turmoil and thoughts that nothing has been done for the industry. Our basic focus is easing doing business. I think Bollywood is a very important business of Mumbai,” Fadnavis said.

“We assure you that whether it is infrastructure or security, the government would take care of it. We will come out with a concrete plan,” he said during the ‘Mumbai Moments’ Excellence-in-Photography Awards 2015 and panel discussion on ‘Transforming Mumbai’ last night at the Mumbai Press Club.

He was responding to a question by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who underscored that foreign countries are laying red carpets for the film industry while there is consistent apathy of the government here.

Bhatt told the CM that there were occasions when a scene which was supposed to be captured in Mumbai was shot abroad. He asked Fadnavis to “Make Mumbai feel like Janmabhoomi of Indian Cinema.”

Bhatt, however, hailed Fadnavis for taking a stand on Aamir Khan-starrer ‘PK’, which has been embroiled in controversy for taking potshots at godmen.

On the occasion, Fadnavis announced that a state-of-the- art infrastructure would be built at the Film City here.

“I was told that certain studios owned by individuals are better than the facility created by the government. I think Bollywood is the one of things which drives entire world to Mumbai. And we will use that power of Bollywood. We will do all the needful,” the chief minister said.

Asked about his view in the backdrop of recent clashes between two communities in central Mumbai and what the government is doing to retain the multi-cultural profile and ethos of the city, Fadnavis said, “I think it is not the government but the Mumbaikars, who keep the spirit alive. The spirit of multi-cultures and ethos of Mumbai is preserved by the people of the city.”

“The role of the government is to support and be the facilitator. We believe that every voice should be heard, everybody should have a point view for which we may disagree, and the government would be proactive in preserving this culture,” he added.

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