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Congress aims at women empowerment


Empowerment of women is Congress’s objective, said the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane at a Women’s’ Fair organized at Chiplun on Saturday


Chiplun: Progress of a family also depends on financial progress of a woman in house which ultimately leads to the progress of society, state and nation, this helps to turn country into Superpower. Hence, empowerment of women is Congress’s objective, said the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane at a Women’s’ Fair organized at Chiplun on Saturday. He mentioned various topics like development of women, transformation of Konkan, tourism and industry, during his speech addressing five thousand women who attended the Fair.

The first of its kind Women’s’ Fair organized by Congress at Bhogale Ground in Chiplun witnessed a huge success. Guests like the Member of Parliament Dr Nilesh Rane, President of Jijaai Womens’ Foundation Nilamtai Rane, President of Women Pradesh Congress Kamlatai Vyawhare, Congress District President Ramesh Keer, Women District President Manjiri Salvi and Former MLA Subhash Bane attended the event.

Rane while speaking at the Fair said, “We are working towards creating 50 thousand to one lakh jobs for women in Sindhudurg district and now we have moved to Ratnagiri as well. Only speeches does not help to get livelihood so the leaders must attempt to bring progress beyond mere speaking. For this women has to be empowered, they must feel the urge to financially support their family. They must adapt various ways to increase their income. If the Bachat Gats in Ratnagiri supports, we will bring a branch of Jijaai Womens’ Foundation to Ratnagiri. But for that you women should decide to progress instead of just discussing problems and following superstations. People in Konkan should think about progress, only then it will be possible or any numbers of Ranes will not be able to make it.

He further said that women in Konkan are suffering from low level of hemoglobin which causes unhealthy births. Therefore, financial stability and prosperity will only lead to better health and progress of Konkan.

He also showed satisfaction on seeing so many women gathered with common thought and intention. He said women are today respected because of Congress. Numbers of schemes for women were introduced by Congress only. Shivsena leaders came here but what have they done for public, for Marathi people? What were they doing when Marathi population was moved to the places like Badlapur from prime locations of Dadar, Parel? They were opposing to sell Kohinoor Mill which was later bought by Manohar Joshi only, what were they doing at that time? Rane appealed to the people of Konkan to not to fall for Sena’s emotional make ups.

He added that though the MPs, MLAs and Leaders of this region from Kunbi community did not look after the welfare of their own community, we are here to resolve their issues. People in Konkan hence will always support us. He also appealed them to strongly support Dr Nilesh Rane, establish Bachat Gat movement in every village and manufacture through Konkan Brand, we will market those products, Rane assured.

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