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Congress grabs stronghold in Zilla Parishad elections

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Congress succeeded over NCP in Nandurbar and Dhule Zilla Parishad elections

congress-logo_0Nandurbar/Dhule: Congress gave tough time and succeeded over Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in Nandurbar and Dhule Zilla Parishad elections. According to the vote count on Monday, Congress has achieved majority votes in both the districts. In Nandurbar, 29 out of 55 and in Dhule 30 out of 56 candidates have conquest the seats.

The voting took place at Nandurbar on Sunday where 205 candidates of 55 groups and 346 candidates of 110 groups participated. Though the competition was tough between Congress and NCP, majority votes to one party were doubted as BJP, Shivsena, MNS, MKP and BKP were also in the run. But the picture became clear soon when the vote counting process started on Monday.

NCP gained 25 seats when BJP could crack only one seat. In Dhule Zilla Parishad elections Congress won 30 out of 56 seats. Whereas, NCP obtained seven, BJP 13, Shivsena two seats and one independent candidate could win a seat.

‘Trishanku’ situation in Akola

Prakash Ambedkar’s Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh won 22 of 53 seats in Akola Zilla Parishad election. The party has won 106 seats within seven panchayats. Still, they will require five more seats to establish power in Zilla Parishad where they might seek support from four independent and two NCP candidates. Congress could win five, NCP two and BJP-Shivsena Alliance could win 20 seats here.

‘It is a win of Congress’s ideology’

This incredible win of Congress in Nandurbar and Dhule is actually a win of Congress’s ideologies, opined Manikrao Thakrey, the President of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee. The result has shown that people believe in our ideology and it is clear that there is no hype of Modi here. Congress has won its stronghold on the region through this win. This success is very significant on the background of upcoming Lok Sabha  and Vidhan Sabha elections, he said.


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