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Cultivators rush to wrap up mango season


It seems that the cultivators are in hurry to wind up this season due to untimely rain

mangoesDevgadh: The rate of canning Devgadh Hapus (Alphanso) has dropped down to Rs 20 and expected to drop more if more are produced. It seems that the cultivators are in hurry to wind up this season due to untimely rain.

Presently Rs 20 per Kg is the rate for canning Devgadh Hapus and  it may drop further  in future though currently they are stable.

Generally by the end of May, Mangos are rated at Rs 500 for five dozens. The rate includes truck rent, packing charges and labor charges which ultimately leave cultivators with very little returns. Hence, they prefer to go for canning of the fruit. Companies finalize rate of mango pulp in advance, pulp suppliers decide their rates accordingly. Later, wholesale and retail traders fix their rates including their profit margins. This process decides purchasing rate of mango.

So obviously the rates are not decided by cultivators and canning purchasers but processing companies which consider production cost and selling price while deciding the rates.

Manufacturers are currently selling fruit based products like juices and soft drinks at the rates of  Rs 60 – 70 per liter. Any increase in rates of mangoes may affect selling of product. But this has put cultivators in losses. Paying more to cultivators will automatically increase the rate of canned products which is not preferable for manufacturers. Production cost and selling price of mangoes remain between Rs 200-250, almost at no profit no loss. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to add papaya pulp in mango pulp to cut losses to some extent. This vicious circle has left cultivators distressed.

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