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Delhi artist Neeraj Goswami hosts solo show in Mumbai

neeraj goswami

The exhibition of Delhi-based artist Neeraj Goswami’s new solo in Jehangir Art Gallery begins on February 6

neeraj goswamiNew Delhi: Drawn out on a vast spread of canvas are human figures working as a medium, only to be further reconstructed and broken to yield a new transformation, to create what can be termed as a combination of both emotions and abstraction.

Such rhythmic reverberations are visible in the artworks of Delhi-based artist Neeraj Goswami’s new solo, which is showing after a gap of seven years in Mumbai.

Trained as a painter, Goswami is also known for his work as a muralist. He has commissioned many portraits particularly the portrait of former President K R Narayanan in 1999 for the Rajya Sabha.

Being displayed at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, Goswami exhibits 25 of his works to provide an insight into an artist’s innermost thoughts on canvas in his show titled ‘Penetralia’.

“The word Penetralia is often used to describe the innermost part of a building, especially the sanctuary of a temple. Therefore, I derive it as an expression of an overall assessment of an artist, the quintessential element of an art which has gradually evolved over time,” the 50-year-old artist said.

The artworks include fifteen other miniatures called “soiree” that reflect on the artist’s spiritual journey and transformation at every step in life.

“The paintings explore the innermost areas of one’s existence which is the seat of compassion, love and source of all energy. However, the focus is more on its expression in terms of visual form on canvas space,” said the Patna-born artist.

The viewer sees a reflection of two states of a painter; one is the experience of spirituality at an individual level, the second is its reflection after being painted in myriad hues on canvas.

“When an artist paints, the experience of spirituality gets doubly enriched,” he said.

Goswami, whose previous solo was exhibited in Manhattan in 2007, says the gap of seven years was a much needed one as it brought about a transformation in him as an artist.

“Change, transition, finding your true self are a part of an artist’s journey. Once the element of change begins to cease, there can be no further growth. This time was a much needed one for my style to evolve,” he said.

Goswami, who first began exploring figurative themes in his work, had gradually dived into expressionist art. But the artist says his work has become more meditative now, resting on the idea of self-exploration.

Released in 2013, a book titled “Liquid Distillation of Animated Consciousness” by Arun Ghose further underlines Goswami’s life, art and proximity with spirituality.

“Bliss is difficult to explain and so is the subject of spirituality. Experience of this transition is subjective but its expression on canvas or in any other form is elating as well as therapeutic,” said the artist.

As a muralist, Goswami has worked on several corporate collections but makes it a point that all projects that he takes up signify celebration of life.

“I have worked on various projects as a muralist as it offers me a wider space to explore, implement. It makes me feel like a bird flying high yet I enjoy painting the most,” he said.

For the Mumbai show, Goswami took a year to create the artworks. Next on his agenda are his experiments as a sculptor.

The exhibit in Jehangir Art Gallery begins on February 6.


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