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Devgadh illuminates with wind power


Suzlon has been selected to revive Asia’s first wind energy project at Devgadh

windmillDevgadh: Suzlon, a multi-national company has been selected to revive Asia’s first wind energy project at Devgadh; it will be completed within next nine months. The officers and executive engineer K B Patil of Suzlon surveyed the location of this 40 crore project.

Devgadh wind energy project is approved Asia’s first wind energy project. Earlier, 10 towers each of Westas and Bonus companies were installed but Engineer Jivane was transferred from the site and the project stalled. Jivane was trained in abroad about repairing this project. The project was stalled due to numerous other reasons like unavailability of spare parts, lack of provision for funds with energy division etc. The nonworking towers standing high on the plateau of Devgadh are the only evidences of this project.

Following this project, MahaUrja started wind energy project in Girye on the same grounds and it is running well. This clearly shows the inefficiency of energy division to run the project of Devgadh. Public representatives of every stratum were pursuing hard to revive this project. To add to the troubles, one citizen had encroached to the land of the project which made it difficult to continue it until a person handovers the land. The division successfully solved this problem.

Suzlon has surveyed the project. The company is instructed to complete it within next nine months, informed Patil. A letter stating this was sent to Suzlon on 30th October. The 10 megawatt project contains 10 generators having power of 1 megawatt each. Suzlon will commence the work from this month to complete this prestigious project of Devghadh.


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