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Dharavi sparks shining colors, Malnutrition rate down


State government’s initiatives tastes successful

MalnutritionMumbai: The survey done by the UNICEF and IIPS have shown that the percentage of malnutrition is decreased in and also been noted their report.

Known as the biggest slum in Asia and the world, Dharavi has seen much transformation in case of the malnutrition. The percentage of anemic patients is also decreased because of the continuous public awareness. The state woman and child welfare department is keen to take more efforts to bring down the malnutrition ratio in the state.

The majority of the child mortality cases occurred in the state is due to malnutrition. Considering this fact, the state woman and child welfare department has been taking several initiatives to fight with the issue. A special care of the new born children is being taken in schemes such as ‘1000 days of children’.

It is a general say that the malnutrition occurs in villages of the state. But the serious fact is that the children from the city area fall for malnutrition at early stages. Children suffering from malnutrition also could be found in the so called high standard societies.

Considering Mumbai, Dharavi, Shivajinagar, Govandi and other parts come ahead with maximum malnutrition cases. But Mahendra Gaikwad, Child Development project officer revealed that the picture is not the same anymore.

He said, “Dharavi has seen recognizable decrease in the malnutrition cases. There are 130 Anganwadies in Dharavi. The children get health services at the Anganwadies. The helpers go and visit houses and keep a survey of the children of the area. The children also get feed with healthy food. A special care is taken noting the weight of the children,” he said.

The children are feed with specially designed cups, designed by the IIT Powai. The Anganwadi workers also take care that no contagious diseases would occur.

Malnutrition occurs because:

  • Bad eating habits of the children
  • Routine dirtiness that brings usual sickness in children
  • Low age marriage and delivery
  • Lack of proper care of the new born child

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