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Digest of international news for week Jan 7- Jan 13, 2015

Washington: The US is “primed to unlock” the potential of relations with India as part of its rebalance to Asia and the Pacific, President Barack Obama has said as he unveiled his new national security policy, days after his historic second trip to India.

Baghdad: Ahead of Baghdad ending a decade-old nightly curfew, bombs exploded across the Iraqi capital killing at least 40 people in a stark warning of the dangers still ahead in this country torn by the Islamic State group.

Beijing: Ahead of their first official meeting, Special Representatives of India and China for border negotiations met in Munich during which the Chinese official called for pushing forward talks to resolve the border issue and remove “disturbances” in bilateral ties.

Geneva: India has made substantial offers like waiving off visa fees, granting market access and technical assistance to  service providers from poor nations, showing its resolve to support the Least Developing Countries.

Cairo: In a major tragedy, at least 22 people are killed and over 20 injured when angry Egyptian soccer fans clashed with security personnel to force their way into a stadium to watch a match, triggering a stampede and one of the deadliest game-related violence in the soccer-crazy nation.

Los Angeles: Bangalore-based musician Ricky Kej and activist Neela Vaswani win at the 57th Grammy awards for their work in album ‘Winds of Samsara’ and the documentary on Malala Yousafzai, respectively.

Tehran: Iran has taken “necessary steps” and now it is the turn of the World powers to “seize the opportunity” of sealing a landmark nuclear deal, President Hassan Rouhani says.

Washington/London: International media describes Aam Aadmi Party’s stunning electoral triumph over the BJP in Delhi as a “political earthquake”, taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meteoric rise to the helm by saying — “After all, what goes up must come down.”

Washington: A 57-year-old Indian has been partially paralysed in the US when a police officer forced him on ground after receiving report of a “suspicious person” oking into the garages of several homes.

Istanbul: India calls for expeditious implementation of the automatic exchange of tax information saying it would help in tracking illegal money stashed in foreign banks.

Washington: The family of the 57-year-old Indian who has been left partially paralysed after a police officer allegedly assaulted him in the US, files a lawsuit with many rights organisations terming the incident as “police brutality” and “racial profiling”.

Washington: The US Government expresses condolences to the family of the 57-year-old Indian man, who has been left partially paralysed after a police officer allegedly assaulted him in Alabama, but refrained to comment on any diplomatic discussion with India on this issue.

Geneva: A US move to make changes in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has been rejected by developing nations, including India which has argued in favour of its “forceful implementation”.

Washington: The United States welcomes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to send Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar to Islamabad, a move seen as an effort to revive the suspended Indo-Pak talks.

Washington: An American police officer, accused of assaulting a 57-year-old Indian man in the US state of Alabama  and leaving him partially paralysed, has been arrested and an FBI probe ordered into the incident, even as his family filed a lawsuit seeking adequate compensation.
Peshawar: At least 20 people are killed and over 50 injured when Kalashnikov-wielding Taliban suicide bombers stormed a crowded minority Shia mosque in Pakistan’s restive northwest during Friday prayers, opening fire and exploding bombs, in the latest sectarian attack to hit the country in recent times.

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