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Dikshit backs BJP’s bid to form govt in Delhi, Cong ‘shocked’

Sheila Dikshit during an interview

Sheila Dikshit during an interviewNew Delhi: BJP today received backing from an unexpected quarter with former chief minister Sheila Dikshit saying the party should be given an opportunity to form government as it will be good for the people of Delhi, remarks from which the Congress quickly distanced itself.

“In a democracy, elected governments are always good as they represent the people. If BJP has reached such a situation that it can form government, it is good for Delhi,” Dikshit, a three-time Chief Minister of Delhi, said here.

The statement by Dikshit, who recently resigned as Governor of Kerala leading to speculation about her return to active politics, has come at a time when AAP and Congress have been accusing BJP of trying to poach MLAs to form government in Delhi.

The 76-year-old leader, who had led Congress to spectacular victories in assembly polls in Delhi in 1998, 2003 and 2009, said that MLAs, whether they are from Congress, AAP or others, do not want election.

“As far as I could understand, every MLA, whether he is from Congress or AAP or others, doesn’t want election. People are saying that the MLAs have just been elected and their membership has not crossed even one year. As far as I can understand and people are telling me that they (MLAs) want government to be formed.”

She also said that it is not clear yet how the government will be formed.

“It is yet to be seen how government is formed and what challenges will be there for a minority government. And, can they (BJP)cross this and not..it is up to them (BJP),” Dikshit said.

Dikshit, under whose leadership Congress had suffered a severe drubbing in the assembly polls in Delhi in December last year, also added, “In the absence of elected government, people don’t know where they should go. And their voice is heard nowhere.

“If people’s voice is heard and then it is good. If they (BJP) form government, they will have to prove majority on the floor of house…so let the government form and then decision would take place.”

However, Delhi Congress immediately distanced itself from Dikshit’s “shocking” statement, saying it is her personal view and doesn’t represent party’s stand.

“We are shocked by Sheila Dikshit’s statement on government formation. It is her personal views and Congress has nothing to do with it. Our stand is very clear from day one that Congress would not let the BJP form government in the national capital,” Delhi Congress’ chief spokesperson Mukesh Sharma said.

Delhi BJP, however, praised Dikshit for her “straightforward” statement over current political deadlock in the national capital while the Aam Aadmi Party said that it was not surprised as “there is hardly any difference between BJP and Congress”.


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