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Diplomat’s arrest: India launches offensive diplomatic tactics to deal with US


Devyani Khobragade, a senior diplomat, was strip searched and was kept with the drug addicts in a fraud case in New York

KhobragadeNew Delhi: In a major diplomatic hustle with the United States, the Indian government launched offensive tactics to deal with the United States. Last week a senior Indian diplomat was arrested in US.

On Tuesday, Indian government stopped all the import clearances for the US embassy including liquor. In addition the government withdrew all airport passes for US diplomats from Embassy and Consulates. The government also called for the details including salaries paid to all Indian staff employed at the US consulates, including by Consulate officers and families such as domestic help.

India has also asked US to return all cards issued to their consular officers posted in the country.

Last week Devyani Khobragade, a senior Indian diplomat in US was arrested in public on the charges for changing the statements to get the visa for her babysitter and economic exploitation.

Khobragade was strip searched and was kept with the drug addicts. The New York Law Enforcement Department took an action against the diplomat and arrested her when she was dropping her daughter in the school.

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