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Distinct Black Leopard saved in Rajapur

Black Leopard

The black leopard has acute nails and sharp teeth that make the animal most deadliest

Black LeopardRajapur: A distinct black leopard was saved by the forest officials and the villagers, from 35 feet-deep well near the highway.

The two years old male black leopard was measured 2.10 metres and its height was 65 centimeters. After catching the cat in the prison, a medical test was conducted on the animal and later it was released in the natural habitat.

On Thursday morning, Akbar Haju, owner of the well went to the farm to water the crop. He found that the water could not be lifted from the well. Haju looked into the well for finding the obvious reason and saw the black cat which broke the pipe and was struggling to get out of the well.

He immediately informed the forest department. Rajapur police were also informed. With the help of forest officials and the locals, the team sent a cage to rescue the animal and caught it after tough efforts.

Many onlookers, women and students turned up in numbers to watch the black cat. Forests officials said that the black leopard is a distinct animal in the region. It can be found in the deep jungles of Konkan.

The black leopard has acute nails and sharp teeth that make the animal most deadliest. The forest officials guessed that the animal would have come for the prey in the human habitat at night. The forest officials thanked the villagers for the efforts to save the animal.

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