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Double Decker train attempts first test; arrives in Mumbai


The most talked about Double Decker train attempted its first test by traveling on Konkan Railway route and arrived in Mumbai on Wednesday

double-deckerRatnagiri: The most talked about Double Decker train attempted its first test by traveling on Konkan Railway route through tunnels, bridges and valleys and arrived in Mumbai on Wednesday. The test journey started on Saturday from Mumbai to Roha and Roha to Ratnagiri. Third phase of this testing was concluded on Madgaon railway station in Goa on Sunday evening.

Delhi-Madgaon and Mumbai-Madgaon routes have entered in the list of country’s crowed and most preferred routes. Hence, trains running from this route like Janshatabdi, Konkankanya, Rajyarani express etc always run ‘housefull’ during travel seasons. Konkan railway route is single lane and extra trains are not advisable. So to facilitate more commuters Railway Board preferred to run Double Decker trains and started testing it from last week.

The new Double Decker train carried Central Railway officers and technical staff from Mumbai via Panvel to Roha on Saturday, May 17. Further it traveled through tunnels, bridges and valleys in Konkan territory and reached Ratnagiri by night. Next day train started its journey at 10.30am and ran towards Madgaon. The officers and technicians were noting every issue faced by the first time running Double Decker. The train will have to go through more such tests on the basis of which final decision will be taken by Railway Safety Board.

The examiners had taken complete care of not keeping any loophole in the test. Apart from personal inspection, video cameras were also fixed exterior to coaches at platform level to check if the train brushes platforms while passing.

According to sources the train successfully completed its journey from Roha to Madgaon but it received some scratches while running between Chiplun and Ratnagiri. But this is a minor and reparable issue, and may not affect activation of Double Decker trains for actual transport.

It started return journey from Madgaon on Tuesday noon, rested for maintenance at Ratnagiri and arrived successfully in Mumbai via Roha.

According to the sources, if this train passes all the necessary tests, it will be an alternative to or run around the timings of Janshatabdi Express.

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