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Drunk driving: Court upholds man’s jail term, says he acted like “suicidal human bomb”


New Delhi:  A sessions court here has upheld the jail sentence of a man, who was convicted of riding a bike in an inebriated state, observing that while riding the two- wheeler under such heavy intoxication, he was acting like a “suicidal human bomb, who could have taken lives of others”.

Additional Sessions Judge Lokesh Kumar Sharma, dismissed the appeal of Satish, a Delhi resident, against a magisterial court order that had sentenced him to three days in jail for the offence of drunken driving under Motor Vehicle Act after he was found riding his motorcycle in a heavily drunken state.

“In my opinion that appellant while riding the two-wheeler motorcycle under such heavy intoxication, was just acting like a suicidal human bomb, who could have taken lives of others while driving the vehicle in such a state of mind and even it could have also proved fatal for him as well, due to slightest mistake committed by him on road.

“Hence, in the given set of facts and circumstances as appearing on record, he is not entitled to any leniency of this court,” the judge said.

The court, however, reduced the period of disqualification of his driving licence from six months, as decided by the trial court, to two months while considering his young age.

“…Keeping in view the young age of the appellant and the fact that he is the first offender and sole bread earner of his family, the period of suspension of his driving licence is reduced to two months from six months,” it said.

The magisterial court had jailed Satish for three days for the offence after it was proved that the alcohol content found in his body was 11 times more than the permissible limit of 30 mg per 100 ml when he was riding the bike.

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