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‘Duniyadaari’ director embarks on R&D study before next film

Pyaar wali love story

Sanjay Jadhav has undertaken an R&D study before going ahead with his next project

Pyaar wali love storyMumbai: Filmmaker-cinematographer Sanjay Jadhav, whose last Marathi film ‘Duniyadaari’ was a box office success, has undertaken an R&D study before going ahead with his next project starring Swapnil Joshi and Sai Tahmankar.

Before commencing the shooting of his next Marathi film – ‘Pyar Wali Luv Story’, Jadhav’s ‘Dreaming 24×7′ has embarked on a detailed study of market size, return of investment, percentage spent on promotion, market desire, etc.

This initiative will help in deciding controlled expenditure and understanding market trend for the film.

Speaking about his R&D study, Jadhav said here today that when he decided to make ‘Duniyadaari’, he had done a research with the help of a reputed film school, as to why Marathi films are not box office successes.

“I realized that Marathi audience look for entertainment and not preaching. They want meaningful cinema but through entertainment. That speaks about the success of ‘Duniyadaari’,” he said.

With his latest research, he said he is curious to know why the audience is always looking for something new.

Jadhav has already recorded a song which will be a dance number.

He expressed happiness that the youth are getting attracted to Marathi cinema and currently entire state of Maharashtra is market for Marathi films.

When asked if Marathi cinema was not doing good business because there is no reinvestment of profits earned, Jadhav said so far Marathi cinema was not earning any money and hence there was no question of reinvesting.

“It’s true that in Marathi there are a lot of one time or first-time producers for several reasons, like cost of production is low, stars are approachable”

He said he did not know what changes his initiative would bring in the Marathi film industry, but he was curious to know the results.

Jadhav said when he had started promoting ‘Duniyadaari’ six months prior to release, every one made fun of him.

“Now people have realized the importance of promotions. So I hope this becomes a common practice than a trend,” he said.

To a question why Marathi movies were not on par with Telegu and Tamil mainstream blockbusters, he said that Marathi cinema is directly competing with Hindi movies and hence the audience gets divided.

“Marathi audience looks out for something different than what they get to see in Hindi,” he added.

Jadhav said no cinema industry can survive without the loyalty of audience. “If audience remains loyal to Marathi cinema, then surely we can compete with any film industry.”

The filmmaker said the survey will go on till the film is completed. “After the first cut, we will again have few screenings for our focus group,” he said.

“After the success of ‘Duniyadaari’, expectations are high and it is scary!” Jadhav said.


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