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E-Banking facility in 20,000 Gram panchayats across the state

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State Rural development department has taken a decision to start an e-banking’ facility in around 20,000 gram panchayats across the state

computer mouse and book, concept of online educationMumbai: The state rural development department has decided to avail ‘e-banking’ services in around 20,000 Gram Panchayats across the state. With the decision, Maharashtra will be the first of the state of its kind to take such initiative in the country.   

The government officials anticipate that the service will benefit the farmers and it would restrain the tricks by local money lenders and irregularities by the local credit societies. Besides that the ‘e-banking facility centers will help the gram panchayats as epicenters of economic transactions.

Meanwhile, the government is thinking to provide the civic facilities to the gram panchayats whose overall population is more than 5000.

There are about 28,000 gram panchayats in the state. At present no bank facility is available in the gram panchayats. Thus the villagers have to go to taluka or nearby village for the bank transactions. The villagers not only have to take the risk carrying the cash from one place to other but also have to bear the traveling charges.

Finding a solution on this problem, Jayant Patil, Minister of Rural development indicated the officials to plan the ‘e-banking’ scheme.

At present 25,000 gram panchayats have already been connected by interent. It is reported that a contract will be signed in between the nationalized banks and the department. At present the process for the contract is in progress and the officials expect that the process will be completed soon.

Developing Gram Panchayats on civic model

It is reported that the gram panchyats having more than 5000 population will be developed on the parameters of towns.  Such gram panchayats will be provided the civic facilities.

The officials also said that there would be micro as well as developmental plan of such villages. Each gram panchayat will be provided funds of Rs 2 crore for the village development.

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