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‘Elephant Proof Range’ to barricade the big mammals

Ghat Jali

Earlier efforts stand short, villagers are doubtful about the project’s success

Ghat JaliAmboli: The forest department earlier initiated plans to control the elephants’ intrusion from Kankumbi-Karnataka into Sindhudurg district limits but it did not help. Now the department has dug the trenches to run an ‘Elephant Proof Range’ project here.

The elephant intrusion has been bringing damages in Sindhudurg district from past seven years. Earlier the department had run schemes like ‘Elephant back to home, trenches digging, etc. to control the big mammals’ intrusion.

But along with the damages to agriculture, the attacks on humans by the elephants have created much more speculations among the residents in past two years.

Though the forest department has planned for the trenches along with the solar compounds, the efforts stand weak ahead of the regular intrusions and damages. The area gets high rain fall. Thus it is said that the trenches will be get filled with the stones, plants and wastes.  Berdaki, the area near Chandgad is situated on a hard stone. It is quite difficult to dig the trenches.

Besides that the elephants put stones and leaves in the trenches and move ahead. Some five years ago, the forest department had fixed the solar compounds in the area by spending much amount in lakhs. But in reality the work could not be completed.

The forest officials told that the local thieves had stolen the wires. But the sources said that the electricity flow was not flown with the battery and wires. If the electricity was made flown through the wires, the issue of theft of the wires could not sustain.

The villagers had demanded an investigation of the issue last year. But the demand was neglected. The work done by the forest department yet so far has tarnished the department’s image. It was seen that there was no control to observe the ongoing work. Thus the villagers are doubtful about the trenches’ success to avoid the elephants’ entry.

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