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Entrepreneurship will drive this nation to be ‘Superpower’


Only youth can bring comprehensive progress to this nation, said the Minister of Industries and the Guardian Minister of Sindhudurg, Narayan Rane


Kankavali: Confidence is the foundation of success. No doubt education brings progress but you should become expert as well. Don’t just aim to become an engineer from this college but aim to be an entrepreneur, only then our State and the nation would turn into a Superpower. Only youth can bring that comprehensive progress to this nation, said the Minister of Industries and the Guardian Minister of Sindhudurg, Narayan Rane.

He was speaking at the annual fest ‘Kshitij 2014’ organized by SSPM college of Engineering here. At this occasion, the President of college Nilamtai Rane, Congress District President Satish Sawant, President of Zila Parishad Deeplakshmi Padte, Town President Advt. Pradnya Khot, Dr Milind Kulkarni, Prof. A K Bhatt, Sanjay Padte were also present. An Audio-Visual film (AV) depicting the journey of Nilamtai’s life was screened during the event.

Mere knowledge is not of any use if you cannot convert it into your proficiency. Become an expert in whatever you do and share your confidences with each other while doing so. Only then you will be in demand from large organizations; but don’t remain creeping as an employee, start your own business and opt for entrepreneurship, Rane said.

He further added that youth will develop their skills with advanced education patterns of technical sectors and aid to the social development of this nation. Our PM Manmohan Singh has also undertaken campaign for the development of skills.

Sindhudurg stands in the top five districts of Maharashtra. Our nation with 125 crore population has 78 per cent youth so only they can bring developmental revolution here, said Rane with belief.

When talking about the efforts and social presence of his wife Nilamtai he said, she has never been in politics. She entered social work when the responsibility of this college was put on her. But till date I have not suitably appreciated her efforts. I am thankful to you for making arrangements to felicitate her at my hands.

He further said, we don’t work for felicitations. We work with the aim to create good civilians from our state and the nation and take efforts for their financial growth. We are creating engineers here, a medical college will start at Kasaal shortly and a pilot training will commence at Judal-Parule very soon, he informed.

At this program, students Hiranand Wangade, Sayali Mahajan, Swapnil Gurav, Praveen Gurav, Rakesh Patil, Nilesh Patil, Sharmila Sawant, Alisha Mangaonkar, Aakash Gore, Rasika Teli, Sonali Mundle and Nikita Goil were awarded.

Dr Milind Kulkarni and Advt Pradnya Khot also addressed students on this occasion. Prof Sachin Mestry and Prof Pankaj Warak who completed their engineering in critical family conditions, didn’t forget to mention that while studying in SSPM college Rane financially supported their education.

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