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EU asks Pak to condemn Russian interference in Ukraine

Islamabad, Dec 4 (PTI) The European Union has asked Pakistan to condemn Russia’s “violations” against Ukraine, if it wants to make a “real gesture” towards the 28-member bloc.

Eurpean Union Ambassador to Pakistan Lars-Gunnar Wigemark while addressing the National Assembly’s Foreign Relation Committee yesterday, said, “Pakistan government should condemn the violations by a very aggressive Russia against Ukraine if it wants to make a real gesture (towards EU).”

He had been invited for a presentation on ties between Pakistan and the EU. Wigemark said he did not want Pakistan to take “drastic measures” in ties with Russia, but to underline the sensitivities and concerns in Europe.

The ties between the EU and Russia have been strained due to alleged interference of Moscow in Kiev.

The remarks by the EU envoy coincide with the warming up of ties between Pakistan and Russia.

The two countries last month signed an agreement to boost defence cooperation. Pakistan is a close trade partner of the EU which has given it Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) plus status to increase exports.

The EU-Pakistan trade volume last year was of 8.35 billion Europe, accounting for 20 per cent of Pakistan’s total trade.

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