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Far more realism in films and designing now: Manish Malhotra

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Hyderabad:  Fashion designing has undergone a change in Bollywood films as they have become more real over the years, designer Manish Malhotra has said.

“It (films as well as fashion designing) has become more real. It has become more approachable. It has become more understandable. There is glamour, then there is reality. I think that’s what has changed,” he told PTI here in an interview.

Malhotra, who has designed costumes for about 1,000 films in his more than two decade-old career, reckoned that movies have become far more real in various aspects.

“The movies have changed. Today’s movies are far more real. The characters are more real. They are speaking the real language… everything has changed. The way the actors dress up, it’s looking more real. It is not just looking glamorous, a little more realism has come into the clothes,” he said.

Stressing that change is inevitable, Malhotra said everyone needs to change with the times to stay relevant.

“Every generation, every five years things change. The person who has to be successful, the person who is always busy, has to change with times. I think the characters have changed. So, it helps us changing the dressing also,” he said.

Observing that he now faces a different set of requirements as a designer, Manish said it should be seen as an opportunity to do different work.

“Yes. The stories have changed. Characters have changed. People have changed. That helps us to do a different kind of work also, which is much better for us. We cannot keep doing the same kind of work all the time. It’s nice,” he said. MORE


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