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Residents have to repair the damaged parts of the transit camp building on their own

TRANSIT_CAMP__Mumbai: Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) is making a delay in handing over the blocks to the original residents of the transit camps fearing the intruders.  The residents have already applied for the blocks’ possession but nothing has changed so far.

The residents were given substitute places to live in exchange of the buildings getting redeveloped. But the residents have been living in the transit camps in wait of for their own homes from past approximately 35 years.

Residents of some of these transit camps are worried as some structures of the transit camp are too old, the structure is weak and about to break at many places.

Thus the residents of transit camps from Vikroli, Chembur, Goregaon, Magathane and Pratiksha Nagar have applied MHADA for the change in their blocks.

But the applications are resting at MHADA office. Almost all the transit camps have been weakened by the intruders. Thus the MHADA officials are worried that the intruders might take possession of the blocks. Thus the agency is also thinking to rebuild such transit camps.   But no final decision has been taken so far that has raised the angry feeling among the residents.

It is reported that few days earlier a boy was injured as the slab of the transit camp collapsed. The condition of other such camps is not different. Thus the residents have to build the damaged parts.

Talking with Prahaar, Abhijit Pethe, Chairman, Transit Welfare Association, said, “The neglect from the MHADA officials towards the transit camps has raised the intrusion in the camps. The intrusion takes place because of the wasted interests of the officials and the brokers. The residents have to suffer till the action is taken against the intruders,” he said.

Ramesh Surwade, Associate Chief Officer, Repair and planning department, said, “A redevelopment plan has been designed for some of the transit camps. The residents will be given the places in the camps and it is planned that they ultimately will get their own permanent houses through master list.  The MHADA takes care of no intrusion while exchanging the blocks after the residents who apply for the blocks,” he said.

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