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Focus on modus operandi to tackle street crimes: Delhi Police

Delhi Police annual pc

New Delhi : This year, Delhi Police will be focusing on modus operandi-based investigations to tackle street crimes, including those at the district level, as they constitute a bulk of the crimes committed in the city.

Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi, addressing reporters at the police force’s annual press conference today, said the district police would be carrying out modus operandi-based investigations instead of handling each case of street crime on an open-and-shut basis.

“We often send Crime Branch teams and Special Cell teams to solve cases in the districts. Till now, they were the ones who took note of the modus operandi and criminal records, while the local police looked into the probe on an individual basis,” he said.

With time, the local police have widened their area of focus in investigations and developed skills needed to analyse the modus operandi, trends and crime mappings, Bassi added.

From this year, local police will start modus operandi-based investigations, Bassi said, adding, “Often when cases are transferred by me to Special Cell or Crime Branch, the local police take it as an insult to their capabilities.”

The Delhi Police chief further said that the district police personnel had been trained to handle cases of counter-terrorism and cyber fraud as well.

“Use of digital technology on large scale and mobile apps for vehicle theft have simplified the Delhi Police’s task, giving it extra time to devote on investigations,” he said.

Terming the year as “satisfactory” for Delhi Police in terms of “truthful registration of cases”, Bassi candidly admitted low rate of success in solving cases.

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